LSE BRANDS LLC is a diversified global portfolio of brands across sports, entertainment, technology, and activewear.


Gustavo "Gus" Laredo is a senior executive and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience having founded, invested, operated and successfully exited disruptive category leading enterprises in USA and South America.

As Executive Chairman of LSE BRANDS LLC, Gus executes on the vision of building a global network of brands to push boundaries through directly investing and strategic partnering with category leading groups in sports, media, technology and activewear.

Locations: San Francisco, Portugal, Denmark and Bolivia.


  • ‣Chairman - LSE BRANDS LLC, a holding company for sports, media, technology and apparel brands.
  • ‣Executive Chairman and President  - Trueforce, Inc., a software services company with offices in USA and Latin America.
  • ‣ Strategic Advisor - "Stealth Project", a Web3 company for global soccer clubs, players and fans.


  • ‣Co-Founder, COO and Board Member at Whendu (acquired by Five9, Inc. NASDAQ: $FIVN)
  • ‣Founder, CEO and Chairman of Sierra360 (acquired by inContact, Inc. NASDAQ: $NICE)
  • ‣Co-Founder, COO and Board Member of Five9 (NASDAQ: $FIVN)